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Temporary power: Buy vs. build - safety and liability

"Should we buy a portable power solution or build our own?" It’s a question that’s been around almost as long as the need for temporary power distribution. Whether you require power for an event, a job site, a refinery, or a power generation facility, there are certain aspects you need to consider…

3 Steps to Save Time on Your Next Nuclear Plant Outage

Need to keep your nuclear power plant outage on track? With the average outage falling from 80 days in 1997, to 34 in 2017, keeping a tight schedule means thorough planning beforehand- sometimes months or years in advance. With an influx of workers around the facility, they will often be working in…

Frustrated with spider boxes that always break down? Here are 2 ways to combat that.

How many times has it happened to you? You send a power distribution unit out on a job and it comes back broken. Or, you install a unit, it fails on site, and your work crews are out of power.  Not just a hassle, it also affects your bottom line. The average repair of a spider box is $70. Multiply…

Case Study: How Ericson's Unique String Lights Helped In a Stator Rewind Project

How do you get light in a dark tunnel? That was the problem a customer faced on a recent generator stator rewind project for a large turbine. A stator is an important part of any rotary system. In terms of generators, it is the stationary part of the system that converts the rotating magnetic field…


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