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    March 21, 2024

    Introducing 20-30 Amp Compact Distribution Units

    CDU NM 20-30-11

    We are proud to announce an entirely new Nonmetallic Series of Jobsite Power Solutions. These exclusively new products are housed in a rugged nonmetallic enclosure with several unique features. Designed for smaller jobsite electrical demands, these boxes offer 20-30A configurations perfect for popular portable and towable generator power output receptacles or standard electrical configurations on jobsites. The 30A units are available with independently overload protected circuits, with local reset capability.

    This product significantly expands Ericson’s range of Code Compliant Jobsite Power Solutions to the industry.

    Industry Exclusive Features and Upgrades:

    • Rugged Rubber Enclosure designed for demanding Jobsite Power requirements.
    • Indoor and Outdoor Designs
    • All Input Power cords are secured with wire mesh strain relief to prevent cord pull-out
    • Two and Three circuit designs with local GFCI Protection
    • 30-Amp versions are available with individual & Local GFCI receptacle overload protection.
    • Industry Exclusive UL943 – 5th Edition Self Testing GFCI Receptacles Relays that comply with

    20-30 non metallic features

    Extensive List of Features and Options

    • Perfect for Portable and Towable Generators with 20-Amp and 30-Amp Receptacles
    • Popular 6’ and 25’ Industrial Cord Lengths
    • Wire mesh on all versions to prevent dangerous cord pull-out
    • Water-Tight Input Power Plugs with heavy-duty cord grips
    • Black versions available when you want to keep your power in the background
    • Customizable Box and Cover Colors, Cord Types and Colors, and Receptacle Configurations
    • Field Serviceable by Qualified Personnel


    Check out our expansive list of accessory cord sets to support this series.

    These features, and several others, have given Ericson the highest distinction in the industry for safe, rugged and reliable Jobsite Power Solutions.

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    Compact Distribution Units 20-30Amp Nonmetallic

    Let Ericson put its 104 Years of Experience, Innovation and Expertise to work for you on your next demanding Jobsite Power or Turn-Around application.


    Stay Tuned for an exciting New Product Announcement of our continued expansion of our Nonmetallic 50-300-Amp Power Distribution Units and first ever Nonmetallic Power Distribution Centers.

    CSU 50-300-12


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