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The #1 Way to Stay Safe Around Cables: Cable Protectors


Whether we’re discussing safety during construction projects, oil refineries/rigs maintenance, or even special events like festivals and sporting events, temporary electrical distribution will always be something to highly consider. Electric cables are usually placed across the area of occurring events for many purposes, such as media coverage, lighting, temporary power distribution, etc. A surge in traffic from pedestrians and vehicles are commonly encountered; and this always presents a safety challenge to protect traffic from trip hazards.

Cable protectors are required for any use of ground lying cables and are suitable for both temporary and permanent installations. Cable protectors are suitable to be installed for construction, commercial and industrial applications.

Ericson B TuffTraxxFrom discreet and decorative products that match your home or company brand to high visibility extreme duty multi-channel models that can withstand serious vehicle traffic, cable protectors are offered with a variety of options. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor event, construction site, a jobsite, or even a parking lot, cable protectors can come as an essential investment to guarantee safety for sites. Hidden hazards unfortunately are common which can result in injuries. Trip hazards can include strapping, ropes and electric leads; all that can possibly cause deadly accidents unless they are addressed.

By being precautious and utilizing work site safety electrical products, it can easily result in best practice standards like OSHA Safety and ensuring a safer workplace and environment.



Written by: Mohamed Mosbah

Mohamed Mosbah is an international student from Cairo, Egypt. He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio, where he studies Operations Management at The Ohio State University. He is involved with Ericson Manufacturing as a summer intern, through the Ohio Export Internship Program, in order to enhance the company’s global presence overseas. He is interested in Data Analysis, Lean Manufacturing, and International Business. In December 2016, he will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree from the Fisher College of Business.

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