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21 Aug

Temporary power: Buy vs. build - ease of use

"Should we buy a portable power solution or build our own?"

07 Aug

Temporary power: Buy vs. build - saving time & money

"Should we buy a portable power solution or build our own?"

05 Apr

3 Reasons Why the Oil and Gas Industry Should Utilize Professional Temporary Lighting and Power Solutions

Hazardous locations, like those found in oil and gas refineries, are known for having strict standards when it comes to equipment.

19 Jan

Temporary Electrical Power- Keeping it Safe and Time Effective!

There are many occasions when temporary power connection is required, and there will be a temptation to make do with something on hand. Often, this solution will be considered out of expediency...

27 Jul

How to Plan Temporary Power and Lighting Distribution for a High Rise Construction Project

Nothing in construction is easy or in a matter of fact, works to budget, plans, or on time. With that said, High Rise Development is something of an art form, a complexity with logistics rolled...

20 Jul

Top Necessities For Proper Construction Site Power Distribution

Temporary power distribution is common place on most construction sites, driven by the need to supply convenient portable power access for a wide array of portable tools and job site lighting....

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