John Ericson III

John Ericson III

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Critical Manufacturing in Uncertain Times

  With all of the uncertainty in the world revolving around the COVID-19 pandemic and many states issuing "stay-at-home" decrees (including our home state of Ohio), we've been getting a lot of questions about Ericson's ...

100 Years Strong

We trace the origins of Ericson Manufacturing back to one event - the successfully granted patent for the first rubber safety hand lamp to our founder Edward Oscar Ericson. The date listed on that patent is December 3, ...

Workplace Safety, Product Quality

Time for a Change: Our New Logo

“Safety is our Standard”

Insider, Workplace Safety, Product Quality

Our 2018 New Year's Resolution

Every January, people all over create a resolution or two in the hopes of bettering themselves in the coming year - lose some weight, be nicer, listen better...the list goes on and on. Ericson is no different as we ...

Workplace Safety

7 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing ...

Permanent or temporary, every electrical installation should follow all applicable codes, standards and regulations.
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