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    December 3, 2018

    100 Years Strong

    We trace the origins of Ericson Manufacturing back to one event - the successfully granted patent for the first rubber safety hand lamp to our founder Edward Oscar Ericson. The date listed on that patent is December 3, 1918 - 100 years ago.

    So, today is a momentous occasion for us, it's our birthday. And a big one at that!

    We're proud to be where we are today. Not only do we manufacture some of the safest and most durable power and lighting products available today, but we've done it right here in Ohio. From our humble beginnings as C&E Safety Products in Cleveland to our current location just east of Cleveland in Willoughby, we've built something to last. And it's not just our products - we've built a working culture that revolves around safety, continual improvement, and innovation that permeates the company. 

    100 Year graphic-03-02

    Today we are thankful.

    We're thankful to be a 4th generation family-owned and operated company. We're thankful that we are able to make job sites safer for workforces all around the world. We're thankful to do what we do with the people we do it with.

    And we are thankful for you.

    Thank you for your continued support throughout the years. Whether you are a customer, distributor, sales representative, or an employee of Ericson, you have made our success possible. So celebrate with us today as we acknowledge the past and look towards the future.

    On to the next 100 years!



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