Cables and Cord Sets, SmartMonitor

Improving GFCI Safety Through UL 943

Since its first requirement 50 years ago, the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) has undergone numerous design improvements to increase personnel protection. These changes were catalyzed by input from organizations ...

Cables and Cord Sets

Infographic: What to consider when choosing the ...

What do you absolutely need in a cable jacket? That depends on what application you are using your equipment in. Here are a few characteristics to consider when choosing the right cable jacket for your equipment.

Cables and Cord Sets

SJO..What? The meanings Behind The Letters on ...

Are you in the market for electrical cord sets or products with cords integrated into them? Have you ever noticed the number of acronyms being thrown around in the product descriptions?

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Which Cable Jacket Material is Right for your ...

When purchasing a piece of equipment that has cabling - like worksite lighting or cordsets - you have many options at your disposal for customization. Cord length and circuit type are common attributes that are often ...
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