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    March 21, 2024

    Ericson IEC 309-2 Pin & Sleeve Solutions

    We are proud to announce an updated brochure of our extensive line of IEC309-2 Pin & Sleeve Solutions. Ericson offers the most extensive line of North American, IEC309-2 products in the industry. Between our IP67 (Watertight) and IP44 (Splashproof) Plugs, Connectors, Receptacle, Inlets, Outlets and Mechanical Interlocks covering 125-600-Volt, 20-100A configurations along with DC, 400Hz along with 6P-7W devices for entertainment, we eclipse competitive offerings in the industry.


    The series includes:

    IEC 309-2, IP67 & IP44 Products – The most expansive line of Pin & Sleeve Solutions in the Industry:

    • Meets and exceed the latest industry CEE, UL & CSA Requirements for Rugged Design, Stringent Electrical and Environmental standards.
    • Industries most extensive NA offering of Plugs, Connectors meeting IP67 and IP44 Approvals
    • Expansive Receptacle, Inlets, Outlet - Straight and Angled.
    • Cast and Nonmetallic Backbox solutions covering a wide range of configurations and sizes.
    • IP67 Mechanical Interlocks with unfused and circuit breaker protection and dry contact closure.
    • Factory assembled cordsets – standard and custom configurations.
    • Wiring options with portable cords, flexible watertight conduit.
    • Adapters for installation of wire mesh, offering significant strain relief again cord damage.
    • Expansive configurations including DC and 400Hz configurations.


    Factory Assembled Custom Configurations:

    • Design your own IEC 309-2 Cordset or Assembly. Options for Primary Configurations, Portable Cord or Watertight Conduit, Jacket, conductor type, preparation and secondary configurations to IEC, NEMA with or without back boxes.
    • Popular Data Center Configurations available across the entire range.


    These exclusive products and their industry leading features, showcase Ericson’s highest industry distinction for safe, durable, and reliable portable IEC 309-2 Pin & Sleeve Solutions.


    L1000882 - Ericson Manufacturing IEC 309-2 Pin & Sleeve Solutions Guide



    With decades of experience bringing Pin & Sleeve Solutions to the Industry – We Know Safety Connections!

    Contact any of our esteemed factory representatives or contact Ericson directly at sales@ericson.com to design a standard or custom solution for your most demanding applications.

    Let Ericson put its 104 Years of Experience, Innovation and Expertise to work for you on your next demanding Portable Power application.

    Stay Tuned for more exciting New Product Offerings from our extensive line of Factory Assembled Cordset Solutions.

    Brian Earl

    Hailing from Minnesota originally, Brian began his secondary education at the University of Minnesota with his undergraduate work and his MBA in Management at University of Michigan, focusing on strategic marketing and market planning. He has an extensive background in developing and leading a variety of marketing,...

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