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    March 21, 2024

    Introducing HL and WL Industrial Handlamps

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    We’re proud to announce expansion of our extensive line of Industrial LED Lamps. From the original, patented, non-metallic handlamp concept in 1916, the Ericson company was founded in 1918. For 104 years since, Ericson has led the market, providing safe, portable handheld luminaires and power to the industry.


    The HL and WL Series are particularly notable for their Made in America rugged design, directional and omni directional lighting and three sizes (6”, 11” and 22”). Their compact, tubular design is perfect for temporarily lighting challenging indoor and outdoor spaces. They feature 1000, 1800 and 4000 lumens of more efficient, warm LED light wrapped in a High Impact Shatter-Proof Tube design that is engineered for extremely long service life. The warmer LED light and direction beam spread are designed to reduce eye strain and glare.


    The WL and HL versions differ in their intended use. The HL series is designed a traditional handlamp, hung vertically, while the WL series is designed to be used horizontally with feed through capability where several units to be connected in a string of horizontal light. They are both wired with Industrial Grade Water-Tight Plugs and premium cord for extended use where battery operated lighting won’t last.

    Proudly Built in America, these handlamps are designed for years of use in the challenging indoor and outdoor, wet environments. All units come standard with a replaceable frosted tube shield which protects the shatter-proof tube from paint, weld spatter, or other contaminates found in the most demanding applications. There are several mounting accessories and replacement parts available. From magnetic to strap and clamp mounting this will quick become your go-to for portable handheld or hung temporary lighting. These units can be customized with cord color or labeling and added to any of our commercial and industrial cable reels. 


    With the extensive list of features, the Ericson HL and WL series of industrial handlamps will quickly become your go-to for the most demanding lighting applications:

    • High-impact shatter-proof tube with standard replaceable frosted plastic shield
    • Directional (200-degrees) and Omni Directional (360-degrees) beam angles of light
    • Energy efficient 100-277v LED Driver with warm, 4000k CCT to reduce eye strain.
    • Powered by fully rated 15A water-tight plugs on both units with feed-through capability on the WL with water-tight connectors to connect additional lights or power tools.
    • Customizable power, cable type, color and labeling including RFID tagging is available
    • Designed for extended service life, the rubber endcaps and tube shields are replaceable
    • HL series are available with handle and switch option.
    • Available option for our extension line of Commercial and Industrial Cable Reels

    Mounting Options Include –

    • Standard Metallic Hook – HL Series
    • Non-Metallic S Hooks – WL Series
    • Magnet Mounted Hook
    • Magnet Mounted Clamp
    • Magnet Mounted Velcro Strap

    Light your most demanding portable lighting applications with Ericson HL and WL Industrial Handlamps!


    Learn more by clicking on the links to our product data sheets below.

    Ericson MFG HL LED Series Industrial Handlamps

    Ericson MFG WL LED Series Industrial Worklamps


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