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Infographic: 2019 Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance Trends from Ericson

As of 2018, the global aircraft manufacturing industry was worth $840 billion dollars, growing 4% over the previous five years, while the global aircraft MRO market is estimated to reach $96
billion dollars by 2025. Significant growth in the aircraft manufacturing industry is spurred by increased A&D spend, key mergers, and more demand for air transport. 

The below infographic outlines some of the most interesting trends in aircraft manufacturing.


Click here to view the full infographic PDF.

Addressing Industry Challenges

The safe and successful manufacturing and maintenance of aircraft – of all shapes and sizes – is a complex process. It requires navigating a rapidly changing industry. Successful companies will be rigorous and standardized in their processes but also flexible enough to respond to innovation…all while ensuring the ongoing safety of both workers and end users. Our new aircraft manufacturing and maintenance handbook addresses these topics to provide you with insights and best practices to adapt to a constantly-evolving industry.


Written by: John Nouse

John has been involved in the power distribution, power quality, and lighting world for 20 years, working with maintenance/facility teams and engineers to solve problems and promote safety in retail, commercial and industrial spaces.

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