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5 Ways to Keep your Employees Safe

5WaysToKeepYourEmployeesSafe.jpgLast year, OSHA issued over 35,000 citations for workplace safety hazards. That’s over 95 citations a day! But, for some reason, few people believe it could ever happen at their workplace. As a leader, you are not only responsible for your own safety, but also the safety of those you lead. To help understand how you can create a safer work experience for your employees, consider these 5 tips: 

1. It Can Happen To Anyone

"I could never imagine it happening here” is a term often heard after a tragedy occurs. Even if all possible measures are taken, there is still a chance that things could happen and your employee’s safety is compromised. By understanding this, and doing your best to plan for the unexpected, you are taking the first steps of creating a safe workplace. 

2. Articulate a Plan

If a crises were to arise, make sure that every employee understands what needs to happen. Whether it is a natural disaster, a machine malfunction, or a violent person, employees should always have a plan to base their actions off of. A written plan should be included in your policies and procedures manual, so that employees have a copy of it if needed. 

3. Practice Drills

What is the use of a well-articulated plan if your employees aren’t able to implement it? Make sure to practice drills and safety procedures around once every 4-6 months. This allows employees to be better prepared and less stressed if an actually emergency were to arise. 

4. Create a Positive Workplace

While some safety hazards cannot be prevented, others are directly related to certain reckless actions or behaviors. Passionate, excited, and inspired workers are much more likely to follow company guidelines and procedures. As their leader, you are responsible for creating a culture where employees work hard and enjoy the tasks they are assigned. As they spend more time with your company, and doing so happily, they are less likely to engage in risky behaviors. 

5. It Starts With The Interview

Lastly, re-evaluate your hiring practices. While many people like to rely on their gut feeling when it comes to people, some of the best managers tend to make the worst hiring decisions. During the hiring process, it is important to not only focus on your gut feeling, but also rely on things such as background checks and references. When you check references, don't only ask about the candidate's ability to reach sales goals, but also ask about their personality and work ethic. When hiring, it is important to look for certain character traits as it is a skill set.


Written by: Alexa Moeller

Alexa Moeller currently lives in Munroe Falls, Ohio, where she studies Marketing Management at The University of Akron. She is involved with Ericson Manufacturing as a spring intern, working on marketing communications. Alexa is interested in pricing, digital marketing, and international business. In May 2017, she will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Akron’s College of Business Administration.

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