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Oct 26, 2017 10:38:25 AM | Product Quality Top 4 Reasons to Buy American-Made Products

American-made products are of a quality you cannot get elsewhere, but why else should you buy American?

When you pick up a product with a "Made in the USA" logo emblazoned on it, you should feel a sense of pride. Buying American-made products, like Ericson's rugged line of temporary power and lighting solutions, allows companies to continue to innovate and create quality products. But there's more to it than that. Here are 4 reasons why buying American-made products is so important:

American Jobs1.   Producing jobs: Yes, this one is rather obvious, but it's also incredibly impactful. The loss of American manufacturing jobs over the last 15 years has had a staggering effect on the US economy and the job market. Purchasing American-made products further ensures that companies will keep their manufacturing efforts in the United States and employ American workers. And it doesn't stop there since the success of US-based manufacturing companies can affect other parts of the US economy (construction, financial, energy, etc.) and create jobs in other sectors. The Economic Policy Institute reports that 1 U.S. manufacturing job supports 1.4 jobs in other sectors of the U.S. economy.


2.  Environmental concerns: Purchasing U.S. products just makes environmental sense. American-made products carry a much smaller carbon footprint than products produced overseas. Shipping products around the globe comes at a high environmental cost due to plane and ship emissions and buying U.S. products dramatically cuts those costs down. 

Another concern is that other countries do not have the type of environmental restrictions on emissions and other pollutants that we do in the U.S. so the manufacturing of those products could be causing greater damage to the environment and the people working in the facilities.   

3. Labor practices: Much like with the environment, many countries do not have labor laws in place that guarantee that employees are working safe conditions. From unsafe work environments, to unhealthy air quality, to child labor, the number of human rights issues that come with many products produced overseas is troubling.

Made in the USA

4. Quality: When you see a "Made in the USA" sticker or logo on a product, you know that you have your hands on a quality good. Companies that manufacture products in the U.S. have full control of the process from the materials being used to the way products are being constructed. This complete oversight over the manufacturing process results in a quality product that cannot be matched by outsourcing.  

Ericson is proud to make our innovative electrical safety products right here in the United States and we hope that you share that pride when you use them.


Dan Ericson

Written By: Dan Ericson

Dan Ericson is the Director of Sales for Ericson Manufacturing, a company that engineers and manufactures temporary power distribution and lighting solutions. He has spent 15+ years in the electrical industry and specializes in creating worksite efficiencies.