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    March 21, 2024

    Ericson Nonmetallic Box Solutions Update

    Website Launch Banner and Social Boxes and Drops Update-05

    We are proud to announce upgraded versions of our extremely capable line of our nonmetallic box solutions – Ericson the consummate innovator, invented and patented the first nonmetallic boxes over 60 years ago, in 1959, to provide a significantly safer design to the industry. Designed to safely house electrical devices and connections, these boxes were initially designed to improve on portable power housed in metallic boxes. The industry has the same portable power challenges housing electrical connections in metallic boxes where the risk of damage and electrical shock is greatest, even today!  

    Ericson Nonmetallic Box Solutions are designed to exceed needs of rugged worksite portable power applications. Constructed of chemical and crush resistant TPV and TPE materials, these boxes offer several power configuration platforms – whether you choose, or we assemble, you’re guaranteed safe, jobsite power in the form and factor you need for indoor, outdoor and watertight applications.

    Infinitely capable, 6000, 6100 and 8000 series boxes share many of the same industry exclusive features:


    6000, 6100 & 8000 series Nonmetallic, Standard and Extra Deep Boxes with Feed-Through Capability:

    • Meet and exceed stringent industry and UL Requirements
    • Constructed of crush and oil resistant TPV and TPE polymers
    • 100% made in the USA
    • Depend on the Cover Plate Selected these boxes offer indoor and demanding outdoor ratings
    • 6100 and 8000 series offer the non-metallic cord clamps for moisture and dust resistance while offering additional strain relief. This series also offers countersunk boring, ½-1”, for wire mesh
    • 6100 series offer cord clamp strain relief the ability to install I-Grips for extra strain relief
    • Offered in standard and extra deep configurations allowing room for back-to-back GFCI or locking receptacle mounting. The 8000 boxes can accommodate up to 6/4 portable cord
    • A wide range of plate configurations is offered to “customize” any specific application, indoor or outdoor, including an 8000 plate for push button overload protection
    • 8000 Box “Quad” configuration allows an infinite mix of configurations and voltages.
    • Blank plates allow Pendant Switch Pilot Control
    • Available in standard Yellow and Black, this series of boxes can accommodate custom colors
    • With the widest range of NEMA and Non-NEMA configurations in the industry, your capabilities are endless


    6200 Series FD, FS and Feed-through Boxes Match industry Standard Dimensions:

    • Meet and exceed stringent industry and UL Requirements
    • Constructed of crush and oil resistant TPV and TPE polymers
    • 100% Made in the USA
    • Industry Standard FS and Box Dimensions to house a wide range of Ericson and Industry Devices
    • Exclusive Feed-Through Housing allowing back-to-back surface mounted devices.
    • Offered standard with or without Nonmetallic Cord Grips or Watertight Deluxe wire mesh strain relief
    • Available in ½-3/4” counter bored for conduit attachment


    7000 Series Industrial Triplex Power Strip:

    • Exceeds stringent cULus listings for power taps
    • 100% Made in the USA
    • Constructed of crush resistant and oil and chemical resistant TPE
    • Available in several power options – 15-20A straight and locking configurations from 125-277V
    • 7000 Power Strips are available with and without 25’ or 50’ industrial SOW cord attached
    • This platform offers several custom configurations to power or adapt power configurations
    • Secure cord clamp strain relief supports wire mesh I-Grip strain relief for indoor applications


    Factory Assembled Power Drops:

    • Factory assembled with UL and CSA Listed Devices
    • 100% Made in the USA
    • Constructed of crush resistant and oil and chemical resistant TPE with Nylon Plates
    • A myriad of Indoor Configurations available for customer designed applications
    • Available with and without wire mesh box and support strain relief and support springs to reduce strain when used in pendant applications
    • Easy to follow configuration guide speeds custom assembly
    • Several standard assembled configurations with in-stock product availability
    • Packaged with complete assembly and accessories in secure durable packaging for easy removal and installation
    • Bunt end can be stripped and prepared with conduit fitting for installation efficiency


    These exclusive products and their industry leading features, showcase Ericson’s highest industry distinction for safe, durable, and reliable portable power products


    With over 105 years’ experience bringing Nonmetallic solutions to the Industry – We Know Safety!

    Let Ericson put its 105 Years of Experience, Innovation and Expertise to work for you on your next demanding Jobsite Lighting application.

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