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Aircraft Building LED Lighting Solutions

Ericson products have been used in the aerospace industry for years now and are trusted by a wide range of companies to provide lighting solutions whilst inspection, construction and maintenance tasks are carried out. In this blog post we're going to consider a few different lighting solutions that are used for building aircraft.

Ericson sells a wide range of LED lighting solutions, perfect for any industrial contractor, plant manager, plant engineer or safety director to integrate into their procedure on site when building aircraft. 

Handheld LED Lighting

This configuration is ideal for those tricky jobs where a more focused light source is required, and Ericson products are available in a few different designs for this very purpose. Our 910 series LED handlamp is available in both 200 and 360 degree beams and puts out an exceptional amount of bright light considering the size. It allows for hands-free operation, perfect for when you need both hands for a more complex task. 

LED Floodlights

For when a wider amount of lighting coverage is required, LED floodlights from Ericson such as the 1917/1918 series are perfect for the job. In a lightweight design that will be easy to move around your aircraft construction site, these floodlights can easily be fixed to any available mounting point for better vision. They're also impact-resistant and include a lens that can withstand high temperatures, so you can feel comfortable using these floodlights under even the most challenging conditions.LEDLinearStringlight1v1.jpg

String Lights

Ericson string lights are a great choice when it comes to LED lighting solutions for building aircraft. Their design means the lights can easily be fixed along the entire length of the craft, and they come with a built-in hanger for easy installation. These lights also include heavy duty sockets, each of which can withstand up to 150 watts.
The Linear LED Tube String Light life in particular is an industry favorite and is used by many companies building aircraft to ensure complete visibility during the construction process. With a 50,000 hour lamp light, this durable LED lighting solution is ideal for situations where flexible handling and installation is required. They can easily be fitted to any area and offer complete versatility.
Ericson has lighting solution used by major commercial airlines…
  • Customer needed adjustable lighting to fit between airplane cabin panels during routine fuselage maintenance.
  • Desired energy- saving LED solution.
Ericson custom 800 LED tube light with adjustable strain reliefs allows the customer to customize lighting for various aircraft, providing flexibility and cost savings.
Baylights are another excellent choice for a LED light solution on an aircraft construction site. Not only do they have a green environmental footprint, but they help to reduce eye stress for those working due to the dimming capabilities. It's very simple to mount these lights, and they really can be used just about anywhere for great visibility.
LED Wide Area Lights
For the optimum in safety, wide area work lights from Ericson are a brilliant choice for aircraft construction. They provide a compact design that doesn't compromise on the bright, intense light given out. These lights are impact resistant, meaning that even when dropped from a great height as is possible when building aircraft, they'll stay completely intact. Wide area lights can also be easily tailored to meet exact requirements thanks to a tripod and magnetic base.
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Written by: Marlo Miller

Marlo Miller is the Inside Sales Representative for the Central Region at Ericson Manufacturing. She holds a degree in Pastry Arts & Science from the International Culinary Arts & Science Institute and has 10 years of industrial distribution experience. She enjoys sports and being a mama to her daughters.

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