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Time for a Change: Our New Logo

“Safety is our Standard”

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How RFID Technology Saves Time and Money on a Job Site

 Job site thieves operate on the low-hanging fruit principle. They are most likely to steal the items that are quick and easy to walk off with. If your organization leaves the job site vulnerable to theft, you are taking a big risk. There are some reports that estimate companies are losing anywhere…

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Equipment theft on the job site: how do you protect your assets?

Equipment theft is something that is on a lot of people's minds, especially if you are a contractor working on an unsecured job site. Even with the dropping costs of monitoring equipment like security cameras and lower-cost webcams, the problem of equipment "walking off" a site continues to grow.…

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What are Hazardous Location Requirements & Why are They So Important?

Equipment used in areas where explosive concentrations of dusts or gases can be a major safety hazard. Hazardous locations like these can occur in industries like Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Sewage Treatment, Mining, Confined Spaces, and many others.

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Don't Skimp on Safety: Why Saving on Cable Protection Can Cost You

It's no secret that cutting costs is a goal for so many people on a job site. Not only do you want the job done well, you want it done at as low a price point as possible. So you search for the equipment with the specs that you need at a price point that seems reasonable.

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Our 2018 New Year's Resolution

Every January, people all over create a resolution or two in the hopes of bettering themselves in the coming year - lose some weight, be nicer, listen better...the list goes on and on. Ericson is no different as we constantly strive to be better every day.

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Defining Confined Spaces & Entry Requirements

A confined space is typically large enough and constructed that a person can enter and perform assigned work; with limited or restricted means for entry or exit and is not designed for continuous or normal occupancy. In many cases, tanks, vessels, manholes, silos, storage bins, hoppers, vaults, and…

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Which Cable Jacket Material is Right for your Application?

When purchasing a piece of equipment that has cabling - like worksite lighting or cordsets - you have many options at your disposal for customization. Cord length and circuit type are common attributes that are often the first to be considered, but just as important (or even more so) is the jacket…

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What is ISO 9001 & why is it important?

If you are like many people, you have probably seen business cards, products, web banners, and advertisements with the ISO 9001 logo on them but haven’t given it much thought. But for those who manufacture products that acronym represents a promise made to customers and a goal that must be…

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Reviewing Classified Hazardous Locations for Refinery Turnarounds | Hazardous Location Lighting

Planning of temporary power distribution and job site lighting, and the implementation thereof, are key components of refinery turnaround maintenance operations. Below we will introduce the hazards of refinery turnarounds and provide a brief overview of hazardous location classifications which are…

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How can electrical safety products consumers benefit from UL Standards?

What is UL? Underwriters Laboratories, Inc is both a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), and a Standards Development Organization (SDO). That means UL writes national safety standards in cooperation with various industry and technical stakeholders. And it means that they also test and…

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How to Use pendant stations at Your Facility

Pendant Stations or Pendant Controls are a series of simple switches that control much larger electrical loads through various means. These loads are typically cranes or hoists, but can also be anything from conveyor belt systems to specialized production line equipment. 

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