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Aircraft MRO Business: Are you ready to handle the growth?

We are out of the recession, but is your MRO business taking advantage of the growth out there? The aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) market is forecasted to grow at a rate of over 6% a year for the next few years. Why? Orders for new Boeing 787 and Airbus A320 aircraft are way up…

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LED Lighting Will Keep Your Job Site Safer and More Efficient

Aircraft construction crews could be called upon to work in virtually any environment, many of which are tight spaces that are hard to maneuver in, and they are usually working against hard deadlines. Long hours are a part of many construction sites – and this is where choice of aerospace lighting…

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Why You Need Ericson LED Linear String Lights

Ericson LED lighting fixture is the perfect choice for temporary lighting on new and existing construction sites. Whether you are a general contractor or an electrical contractor looking for a performance-based, energy saving temporary lighting solution, our LED is the solution you are looking for.

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3 Advantages of LED Temporary Lighting for Industrial Applications

These days technology is changing almost faster than you can blink and the world of lighting is no different. More and more, people are turning to LED lighting solutions, but what are the benefits and how do they apply to users of temporary job site lighting?

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Defining Confined Spaces & Entry Requirements

A confined space is typically large enough and constructed that a person can enter and perform assigned work; with limited or restricted means for entry or exit and is not designed for continuous or normal occupancy. In many cases, tanks, vessels, manholes, silos, storage bins, hoppers, vaults, and…

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Part 3- Everything you Need to Know About Lumens

Last month, we were shocked when we saw that the light was being directed to the floor. Today, we will finally find out why. The LED chips producing the light in the lamp radiate from a single side of a flat surface. The radiance of this flat surface is not uniform, but will vary with viewing…

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3 Reasons Why the Oil and Gas Industry Should Utilize Professional Temporary Lighting and Power Solutions

Hazardous locations, like those found in oil and gas refineries, are known for having strict standards when it comes to equipment.

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Part 2 - Everything You Need To Know About Lumens

Last month, we learned a little bit about lumens. Today, we will be discussing the radiation of lighting. To better demonstrate that, we will need to borrow a balloon. 

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Part 1- Everything you Need to Know About Lumens

It’s time for a party! A time for cake, candles and balloons. Our golden retriever, Dandelion, is turning three. While goldens are not known for being too particular, they do enjoy a good party. A warm, bright, pleasing area, aka the kitchen, is probably the best place for the festivities. The…

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Product Spotlight: 2000FS

Illumination requirements continue to change frequently in markets such as construction and evolved LED technologies meet these requirements.  Significant energy savings and a lower environmental footprint are just a few of the ways that LED is the popular pick today. Consumers in the markets of…

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Understanding Foot Candles vs. Lumens for Temporary Job-Site Lighting

Typically, we are conditioned to pick out bulbs for lighting based on wattage, however that is not the best way to choose lighting when utilizing LED’s for temporary job site lighting. It is important to understand wattage measures “how much electricity” will be used, and not the amount of light.…

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LED Technology VS Metal Halide: How You Can Save Money with LED Temporary Job Site Lighting

LED Technology has come a long way and is quickly becoming a commodity item, known as LED temporary lighting.

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