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Lighting Maintenance Activities on Military Aircraft

There is not much that is more gratifying for a manufacturer than to see their products making the lives of those who use them easier. 

As a GSA contract holder, Ericson Manufacturing is honored to be a supplier of electrical safety products to the U.S. federal, state, county, and local governments. With a history of safety that goes back over 100 years, Ericson was chosen to streamline the maintenance process of Lockheed's C-130 Hercules.  Originally designed over 65 years ago, C-130s have the longest continuous military aircraft production run in history.  Like any piece of equipment, longevity is dependent on regular inspection and repair. 

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Recently,  a U.S. military base utilized Ericson's temporary power and lighting solutions on a C-130 Hercules that was offline for scheduled maintenance.

The maintenance crew was impressed by the clarity of the white light provided by our LED lighting solutions.  Our 825 work lights, 813 string lights, and 910 series LED hand lamps were easily hung from cables on either side of the fuselage, allowing high visibility and better clearance within the cavity.  Electronics and small mechanical devices throughout the aircraft require great attention to detail, as the lives of those who fly depend on them functioning properly.

The C-130 maintenance crew also appreciated the durability of Ericson’s 813 string lights.  Unlike the previous products they were using, where they seemingly were continuously having to buy and change bulbs, the 813’s dependability allowed them to focus on maintaining the plane, and not the products used to do so. 

The 825 work light  also helped to streamline aircraft maintenance. Previously the upper tail of the aircraft was a challenge for them to illuminate  because it had always taken two people on two ladders to hang the correct lighting. The provided hooks and lightweight design of the 825 made it easy to install and move around the work area as needed. 

As a solutions provider it was gratifying to see our products making a difference and serving our armed forces.  We look forward to discussing other applications where our products can make work on the job easier, better, and most of all, safer.

Written by: TJ Rosboril

TJ Rosboril’s experience spans over 30 years in industrial sales. She is inside sales at Ericson Manufacturing and manages the Canadian provinces. TJ holds a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities and Fine Arts from Hiram College. She enjoys finding creative solutions to persistent problems. An avid decorator, she likes to spend time reimagining old things. She is a Cleveland native and lives on the east side of town in a shoe with her 20 cats.

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