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Nov 16, 2016 3:50:00 PM | Temporary Lighting Solutions LED Technology VS Metal Halide: How You Can Save Money with LED Temporary Job Site Lighting

LED temporary lighting is becoming popular in the temporary lighting industry with significant advantages over older metal halide lighting technology.

LED Technology has come a long way and is quickly becoming a commodity item, known as LED temporary lighting. Ericson has just launched the 1004-LED Baylite! This product enjoys a number of significant advantages over older metal halide lighting technology. They are dimmable, not as hot and so may be positioned closer to the floor, and are outdoor rated.  But the most attractive feature is the undeniable economy of the LED high bay lighting solution.  Yes, the LED lamps cost about 50% more per lamp than traditional metal halides, but you need about 30% fewer of them to cover the same given floor area, due to their directionality. 

So the actual additional expense is a lot less than initially expected, only about 10% more per installation. But, for that modest additional investment, you use about 75% less electricity, never have to change a bulb, and enjoy a whiter, nicer light (5000K color temp vs. 3500K) with better color rendition (CRI). 

Take a look at our infographic comparing the Ericson 1004-LED VS the 1004-MHXPS:


Now that you’ve taken a look at the comparison and advantages of LED worklights, understanding that this product is one kind of fixture for a variety of needs in your application. In the infographic example, if the warehouse has a partially exposed truck bay, you can use the same baylight because its weather rated. Then if that warehouse has a mezzanine area with lower ceilings, you can use the same baylight because it is not as hot, and can be dimmed (if necessary). Finally, the dimmer input can be wired directly into your building’s LED lighting control system to take advantage of daylighting and occupancy sensing strategies, to increase power savings beyond the example above.

Interested in our LED Baylite opportunity? We are happy to find the right solution for your temporary job site lighting if its the old school halide technology or LED technology. Let's talk about your current opportunity or next. Our goal is to help you save time and money.


Jeff Angle

Written By: Jeff Angle

Jeff is the Chief engineer, PE & Six Sigma Blackbelt with 25 years in the biz. His degree is in Electrical Engineering from University of Akron and has an extensive background in product development, UL regulatory compliance & ISO9001 quality assurance.